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I currently only teach private lessons, aside from the occasional workshop at a dance festival, and this is in part because of WHAT I like to teach and the nature of the instruction. I do not teach “steps” or “patterns.” There are endless sources, from a plethora of other instructors to YouTube, where people can learn patterns. I teach social dance connection. That is, I teach HOW to use your body, and how to perform those patterns in a way that allows you to truly connect with your dance partner. Long ago I coined the phrase to describe an unfortunate and all-too-common experience on the social dance floor of people dancing next to one another, and not with each other. This really isn’t their fault. How to dance WITH one’s partner is largely neglected from social dance instruction (group classes, and the like) for many reasons, the biggest of which is that it is subtle, somewhat painstaking, requiring patience and dedication to learn, and it isn’t flashy or exciting to watch. BUT, social dance isn’t a performance. It can be jaw-droppingly gorgeous and inspiring to watch, but it is first and foremost about connecting with one’s partner and the shared experience of leading and following: that is where the magic happens.

If you are interested in working with me, please be in touch. I am always delighted to help someone really take their social dance to the next level. First and foremost I encourage those who dance salsa/bachata, but truly the skills I help you with are the underlying universal physical strengths you need for any genre (as I’m increasingly learning their application in tango); they will just be slightly repackaged and reformulated to each style of dance.

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About Julie

There are few things I love as much as social dance. I discovered salsa while living and working in Guatemala, and it changed my life forever. I’ve been dancing salsa for over 10 years, and salsa, in particular Cuban salsa (timba) is my JOY. But I will dance to anything I can, and am always seeking to learn new genres. I have been dancing bachata for over 5 years, and have more recently begun to explore and fall in love with tango, but if the DJ happens to be playing zydeco, cumbia, kizomba, merengue, bolero, or lindy hop, please believe I’ll be on the dance floor.

I feel so lucky to have social in my life, for the exhilarating creative outlet that is dance, and amazing community that makes up the local, as well as world-wide dance scene.