"Julie is an amazing instructor with a genuine gift. Her classes have helped me to become more aware of my stress patterns, discover and target weak areas in my posture, and begin to increase flexibility and range of motion across my body. I was able to feel significant improvement in my after my first session, and by the third my posture had begun to improve.

Julie is insightful, unfailingly positive, and possesses a deep understanding of body mechanics, tension and compression, as well as the Essentrics material. Julie possesses a true passion for body awareness, health, and growth, which shines through in the way she conducts her classes.

Julie’s workshops focus on improving core strength, relaxing overtaxed muscles, and increasing flexibility and overall range of motion. I would recommend both Julie and Essentrics for anyone seeking a happier, healthier body, especially dancers and other athletes that may have hidden stress stored up."

- Bryan Dickerson